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The best way for a beginner to learn coding and understand how the language behaves would be to develop simple games. Here I am trying to develop a simple tic tac toe game without any special libraries except for numpy.

Tic Tac Toe is a very simple game that is played on a board which is similar to a 3x3 matrix, and played with Xs and Os. So in this code also we will be using a 3x3 numpy matrix to represent the board and the changes will be made on them.

The game here has 2 modes:

player vs…

Determinant of a matrix.

Finding the determinant of a 2x2 matrix or even a 3x3 matrix can be easy enough for us to do it on a piece of paper. But as the size of the matrix increases it becomes exponentially hard for us to find it manually and because of this we seek the help of computer to do it for us.

Coding helps us to do any task if the procedure to follow for that process is well defined. And it is the same for us. Finding the determinant of a matrix is also a well defined process. If you are using…

Recurrent Neural Network


What makes us humans special? Its our ability to comprehend things in a contextual way makes us stand apart. We don’t reset our memory each time we talk a new word, but in fact the very idea of talking is to output words in a sequential fashion keeping it in context with the previously uttered words. Machines were not able to do that, they consider each of their inputs and outputs as mutually exclusive from each other. To solve this problem of processing sequential data, Recurrent Neural Networks were introduced.

A recurrent neural network, also known as RNN, is a…

Amal R

Masters student at IIITM - Kerala

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